Making a James Bond martini

“Just a moment [Bond said]. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?” —Ian Fleming, Casino Royale

A few things to note about the Vesper martini, as many things have changed since it was first penned down.

Gordons no longer makes gin at 94 proof, it’s been diluted down to 80 proof. The drink is shaken to remove potential oiliness from what was then inferior potato based vodka, something that is much less common now. Kina Lillet no longer exists. Its replacement Lillet Blanc does not have the quinine bitterness that was a key component of Kina Lillet.

When I made this drink using the instructions as directed, (with Gordon’s gin, Smirnoff Vodka, and Lillet Blanc) one thing became obvious. The Lillet Blanc was so light as to be overpowered by the gin, even when diluted by a measure of vodka.

The solution, as suggested by Esquire, was to increase the percentage of vodka, which I upped it to 2 measures. With this the light citrus of Lillet Blanc became more apparent. However I’m always reminded that this drink is after all, a martini, not a cosmo. So the Lillet Blanc should never be more than a hint in the drink.

However this didn’t solve the problem of the missing bitter taste. As I don’t have quinine powder just yet, I attempted two potential remedies. One was tonic water, which does have quinine, the other being Angostura. Both are lacking in their own way.

First Angostura bitterness is not the same as quinine bitterness. Where quinine is medicinally bitter, the Angostura has a distinctive root/bark flavor in addition to its bitterness. It just makes the drink taste like a root beer martini with a hint of juniper and orange.

As for tonic water, it was not a good substitute since it instead increased the sugar content, thus sweetening the drink.

A thought occured to me why Bond’s formulation was why it was. When making an old fashioned, only 1-2 dashes of bitters are needed, as the flavor is pungent enough to change the taste of the bourbon. If Kina Lillet was Lillet with quinine bitters, then in the past half a measure would be strong enough to power past the gin, especially at a 3 to 1 dilution.

The other thought I had was, did historic Kina Lillet even taste as citrusy? Surely the quinine would’ve been the predominant taste in that vermouth. Kina Lillet stopped being produced in the 1960s because bitterness went out of fashion in drinks, to be replaced by the more sweeter, floral tastes we’re accustomed to now in cocktails.

In a way, my search to approximate the taste of the original Vesper martini reminds me of re-enactment historians. It’s an attempt to understand the past by experiencing in as close of a way as possible the conditions of that time.

But one key insight is still missing from me. What did Kina Lillet really taste like? What were its primary characteristics, bitterness or citrusness? Until that piece of the puzzle is known, all our guesses at approximating taste will just be random darts thrown on a wall.

January 31, 2010

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    So here we are again.

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    “We represent sportsmen that are fair game hunters and follow the law,” northeast regional director Dennis Wydra said. “We work to help people like John Nolt that get unfairly charged. In situations that are grievous such as this one, we will go to bat for them.” The organization, led by former game commissioner John Mohr, the father of Nolt’s attorney, Kendra Mohr, is engaged in a lawsuit against the Game Commission alleging the state organization has mismanaged the deer herd in Pennsylvania.

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    Kurt Warner fumbles the ball in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIII and the ball was recovered by the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    OKLAHOMA CITY School teachers in Oklahoma could be fired for a host of new reasons under a bill that cleared a House committee on Tuesday, raising concerns of opponents who contend educators are on the front line of a Republican assault on public education.Meanwhile, Republican Gov. Mary Fallin signed into law a bill that eliminates a teacher ability to appeal their dismissal to a district judge, a procedure known as trial de novo.studies have shown that a key factor in student performance is the quality and effectiveness of the teacher in the classroom, Fallin said Tuesday during a bill signing ceremony.
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    Hey man I got no reason to think my bud is a liar. He’s not that kinda guy. no reason for him to make stuff up he’s a cop and has seen it all, believe me. anyway I guess ol Lewis just sat there and let Porter bad mouth him. Must have been hard for him to swallow. One thing we know he stayed on that bus and he’s lucky he did. Porter ain’t no one you would want to mess with in a street fight. Greg Loyd was the same way only worse. Anyway it don’t matter what matters is Sundays game and it will be fun to watch the Steelers get win 11!

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    And certainly I’ve done that and Cal has somewhat done that. Cal has five goals since you came onto the scene. Are you having a hard time carrying him this month? Is the pressure getting to you yet?.

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    The third quarter was nearly even on the scoreboard, but it was clear that the style of play was favoring Everett.

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    I had always heard good things but had no idea how awesome Seattle actually is! I lucked out with the weather beautiful, barely rain.

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    In Kingfisher Memorial Cemetery, with arrangements by AndersonBurris Funeral Home. He was born to Jesse Frank and Archie Collette (Striet) Riley on May 24, 1925, in Kingfisher, and died Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006, at his home in Meno.
    As the two went to Lollards Pit, Cecily Ormes, wife of a weaver from St Lawrences parish, declared her support for them.
    From there, we don there so many plots, we don get to the Final Four game if a walkon doesn step up and hit two gigantic threes,” said Pitino.”Not being able to play made things tougher, but it was never about me.
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    Unusual when all three are all bright and all have those kinds of work habits, but they do and it why we been able to accelerate ourselves offensively and look fairly sharp from time to time. said McCown great leadership qualities. He a wonderful leader, just a natural leader. He get in the huddle, give two high fives, two low fives and call the play. You like that about him. Henne, Lee said just unflappable. You chew him out, he says the next play. takes criticism. There are no excuses with him. He tough. noted the Dolphins have been working on Beck delivery, which sometimes goes below threequarters.
    San FranciscoThe 49ers faced division rival Arizona Sunday in an important match up. Any division game is obviously important, but with a comfortable 5 game lead entering the game, San Francisco was more concerned with momentum and health. San Francisco faces a short week with a game on Thanksgiving and could not afford to lose this game. The biggest surprise though was the inefficiency in the kicking game. David Akers came into the game as one of the most reliable kickers in the league and had two kicks blocked and missed one. The result was a close game on the scoreboard but in reality this game was never close as the defense came out and set the tone early and remained dominant all game.
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    Never forget my first game at Crysler, Haas said.
    The practice field was in a rural part of South Carolina where cellphone service was nonexistent and the closest hospital was 30 minutes away. Hedstrom had also failed to pack a spine board, an essential piece of equipment when dealing with a potential spine injury. It took nearly two hours for the teen to be taken by helicopter to a Columbia hospital..
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    After starting at running back at the University of Florida, Graham played nine seasons in the NFL, all for the Bucs.

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    In my walking tour of the Renaissance galleries of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I describe in a recent article and in my new book, “Jesus Uncensored: Restoring the Authentic Jew,” I show how artists ethnically cleansed Judaism from their works and promoted a false image of Jesus and his world..

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    Postseason success also found Newbauer at Siena College. Serving first as director of basketball operations (200103) and later assistant coach (200405) under Rob Lanier, Newbauer helped the Saints cut down the nets at the 2002 MAAC Tournament and claim victory in an opening round game in the 2002 NCAA Tournament. The following year, Siena won 21 games and reached the third round of the Postseason NIT. National Team participating in the 2003 Junior World Championships in Greece.

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    South Mountain is the largest city park in the nation and one of the largest urban parks in the world.

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    Philadelphia has championship dreams, too, but Atlanta grows anxious to remove the stigma of their week 1 embarrassment in Chicago. Ryan commands a powerful corps of wide receivers against probably the best defensive secondary in football. This should make the match up between Vick and the Falcons defense the key to the game.

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    SS: Yuniesky Betancourt (2005’09).

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    [url=][/url] Brooks added 13, followed by Shuntavia Sims with 12 and Devina Moulds and Seandra Stevens with 10 apiece.Sims scored 10 straight points in the second quarter, and Adams 10 points in the fourth.”We’ve really been playing well lately,” Davidson coach Charlie Shipp said.Jasmarae Montgomery scored 14 points for McGillToolen (167), which never found any offensive rhythm against Davidson’s fullcourt pressure.Davidson also defeated McGillToolen 5343 earlier this season, but this one was much more onesided.”I would have like to see us to have competed a little bit better and a little bit harder,” McGillToolen coach Lindsey Weems said.

    [url=][/url] Armenian/Iranian performance artist Armen Ra opens. Tue., First Avenue. 18 older. The band just issued its second album for Sub Pop, “Everything in Between,” offering traces of Sonic Youth, Trail of Dead and other beloved noisemakers. Haunted House and the Blind Shake open. Tue., 7th Street Entry. 18 older. It’s winding down 2010 with another old and dangerous tradition, a Thanksgiving Eve concert that has become the unofficial kickoff to a series of annual yearend gigs at First Ave (see also: Doomtree, Curtiss A’s Lennon tribute, Mason Jennings, Soul Asylum).

    [url=][/url] “But for the whole game, from a techniquefocusfundamentals standpoint, he was sound and that’s what we hadn’t gotten the first two games from him. He really hadn’t put it together for four quarters, and he came up big that game.”Playing cornerback opposite Carmichael who was Tech’s 2009 interceptions leader Hosley has continued to wreak havoc when the football zooms toward his domain, ranking sixth in the nation in passes defended (15) and 19th in punt return average (12.58 yards).”He’s just got a mentality,” said Gray.

    [url=][/url] In reality (not Brandon reality) whether in Europe or America The Killers couldn even spitshine Led Zeppelin (nor Nirvana nice jacket, Brandon (above). On a magical mystery tour perhaps? That kind of image didn really even work for the Beatles or maybe your band can knock them off their too?!!

    [url=][/url] Posted in Sexy Male Singers with tags it’s getting hot in here, it’s getting hot in here video, Nelly, nelly its getting hot in here, sexy, Sexy Nelly, sexy singer, Sexy singer Nelly, singer, singer Nelly on November 23, 2008 by sexymusiciansCornell Haynes Jr. (born November 2, 1974), better known by his stage name Nelly, is an American rapper, singer and actor. He has performed with the rap group St. Lunatics since 1996 and was signed to Universal Records in 2000. Under Universal, Nelly has four solo studio albums released in his name and several numberone hits. Highly successful, Nelly has sold over 50 million records in the United States. He also won Grammy Awards in 2003 and 2004. He also starred in the 2005 remake film The Longest Yard alongside Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. In addition, Nelly played in the Main Event at the 2007 World Series of Poker. He is also one of the owners of the Charlotte Bobcats, along with Robert L.

    [url=][/url] RETURNING SERIES: “Life Unexpected” (CW at 9) Status: Season 2 premiere. In its debut season, this drama was all about the aftermath of a 15yearold girl, Lux, showing up as a fun surprise to her 30something birth mother, Cate, who had given up her daughter for adoption after she had gotten pregnant in high school during a onenight stand with the captain of the football team, Baze. Now, everyone seems to be getting along, except for the fact that Baze is secretly still in love with Cate, but Cate just got married to Ryan, but she also might secretly be in love with Baze, and everyone’s fighting all the time.

    [url=][/url] Nope, I’m lured to the edge of insomnia by the fact that I’m carrying two secrets in my head. Two people have shared with me information which I am sworn not to pass on, which is going to be difficult as I’m infected with what is known as the ‘gossip gene’.

    [url=][/url] If week two is anything like week one was, it could be one of the best seasons in a long time. We had four rookies (Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill and Russell Wilson) make their NFL debuts, we had the return of a celebrated star (Peyton Manning) and tied the longest field goal in the history of the NFL (David Akers) in Green Bay. We also saw the return of NFL players that were orignially suspended for their part in “Bountygate.”

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    Predeceased by his sisters Jacqueline Sutton (Richard), Pauline Giles, and brothersinlaw Jack MacDonald (Vivian and Doris), Glen MacDonald (Gladys) and Howard MacDonald (Betty).
    Bill included a wage freeze for two years, reduction of benefits and provides the government with tools to prevent or end a strike..
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    By chance, her cardinal is considered to be one of those favored to become pontiff: Cardinal Odilo Scherer of Sao Paolo, Brazil. She hadn’t heard of him before. Nonetheless, Sullivan said she and her husband have added Scherer to their daily rosary prayer.
    The kindest, most sacrificial act he did for this world was to pass on, ridding us all of the overbearing shadow, compelling all to be like him. There is a lighter way to go, and Moon never understood that. He clung to his ego with gila monster grip for 92 years, and those that fed the collective vision, fed the candle flame for every moth.
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    5; Introduction to Online Job Searching, Sept. 12; Job Searching with Job and Career Accelerator, Sept. 26; and Business Research for Job Searchers, Sept. 29. [url=]cheap bears jersey[/url] 45 years in case that focused on NJ halfway houses. HACKENSACK, N. J. (AP) A sentence of 45 years in prison along with laughs from the man who escaped custody and then killed his girlfriend capped the high-profile case on Friday that helped put New Jersey’s privately run system of halfway houses under intense public scrutiny.My first few years, not really knowing the league, I was just pretty much trying to find my way, said Moreno. Now, you start to understand whats happening, but its definitely been a journey getting here. Running the ball is an afterthought for the Broncos right now, with Manning throwing a record-tying seven TD passes in the opener. But there will come a time when they need to establish a ground attack, and Moreno, whose 947 yards as a rookie still ranks as his best season, is intent on being the guy.
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    [url=][/url] They questioned Belichick for going for it on fourthand2 at his 28yard line rather than punt to the Indianapolis Colts and hope his defense could stop Peyton Manning last Sunday night. The play failed and Manning and the Colts moved 29 yards to Manning’s scoring pass and a decisive extra point in their 3534 win.

    [url=][/url] The big story out of Miami the past two weeks has been the job freshman quarterback Stephen Morris has done replacing Jacory Harris, who has not played since suffering a concussion in a loss to Virginia more than two weeks ago. A week after completing a gamewinning touchdown pass to defeat Maryland, Morris threw for 230 yards in a 3510 victory over Georgia Tech on Saturday

    [url=][/url] Sunday win was a big baby step toward salvaging the season. Of course, all of our good vibes might disappear next week if they don compete against Phillip Rivers and the 21 Chargers (which, by the way, were just smoked 273 by the Atlanta Falcons). Savor this week, because you never know how long it will be before we feel this good about the Chiefs again.

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