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After the Wedding

cold summer night her hand firmly gripping mine we stroll down the pier from the distant Boardwalk, cheers as coasters rumble and swoon

Best of NYC 2005: Night

midnight summer breeze through the windows of a cab eyes closed, just feeling

The Haiku Manual

For those who’ve ever wondered about the mechanics behind how I write my haikus, here’s my manual of style. Haikus were originally an expression of zen philosophy, so they had a particular set up outside of the syllable count. Traditionally,… continue reading »

Best of 2005: Weather

slow, heavy breathing smoke firing out the nostril dragon in the cold

Selected early haikus

hazy autumn night through the mountain’s mist a blinking radio tower

Best of NYC 2005: Daytime

late for work, running buttoning up my shirt like a reverse superman

Hollister haikus

I leave home, then return to look for a paper already in my pocket