JaShong's assorted series of embarassing websites

Please forgive this handcoded HTML that makes it look like it was designed in the 1990s. I'm too lazy to bother with anything fancier as of yet.

Mindspring.com - Oldest one, wish some pretty crazy art rantings from my college days.

SimpleViewer - Created this site for my job interview at Reuters. Doesn't work now, nor do I know exactly how to fix it. Many of the photos were already on Mindspring.

Nucleus - Short lived attempt to go with an independent blogging platform. Comments are filled with spam.

Wordpress - Short lived, never officially linked to home page, attempt to put some poetry and writing on my home domain.

Reddit/Facebook Tumblr - Halfupdated attempt to keep an archive of the random posts I make. May continue to update, may skip because it's getting too difficult.

History Tumblr (CURRENT) - Going to see how long this goes as a place to act as a sort of self-published history site for my investigations into dark age Chinese and Roman history. Currently all Roman, no Chinese. We'll see what happens